ADA Specifications
The "Americans with Disabilities Act" is published in the Department of Justice Federal Register. Signage regulations are found in sections 4.30.1 - 4.30.8.
Americans with Disibilities Act

Signs that Designate Permanent Rooms and Spaces

Regulations state that signage must have tactile (raised) lettering, Grade 2 Braille, Pictograms (where applicable), and that they be installed in specific locations.
Raised characters must be between 5/8" and 2" with a matte finish. Letters and numbers must be raised a minimum of 1/32", upper case, and sans serifs. Pictograms other than the accessible symbol are not requied. When pictograms are used, they need to be accompanied by the equivalent verbal description, placed below the pictogram. Pictograms are requied to be in a 6" vertical field.

Directional and Informational Signage
Regulations state that signs must comply with character proportion, height, finish and contrast rules. Lowercase characters are acceptable; Braille and tactile letters are not required.

Elements and Spaces of Accessible Facilities
Locations that must be identified with the Accessible Pictogram are as follows:

Inaccessible entrances and restrooms must provide directional signage leading to those Accessible locations.

Overhead and Protruding Signs
A character height of 3" or higher is required, lowercase can be used, tactile and braille are not required. You must provide 80" clearance from the bottom of the sign to the floor.

Signage Location and Measurements
The baseline of the copy (The bottom of the Letter, not the sign) must be at least 48" and no more than 60" above the floor. Tactile signs must be placed alongside the door on the latch side (or to the right of double doors). If there isn't enough room for the sign, then it must be placed on the adjacent wall. A clear floor space of 18" x 18" centered on the sign must be previded beyond the swing arc of the door to 45 degrees open swing. Signs may be placed on the push side of doors with closers and without hold open devices.

California Signage Location and Measurements
Title 24 requires geometric restroom signs. Men's restrooms must have a 12" equilateral triangle, and women's restrooms a 12" diameter circle. Each sign must be 1/4" thick. Unisex restrooms have a triangle superimposed on a circle. The signs are to be mounted on the door, the center of the panel must be 60" from the floor. The color must contrast with the door. These signs are in addition to the regular tactile ADA signs which must be installed on the latch side of the door following the regular ADA placement guidelines. In the event the restroom is a hallway entance (no door), the geometric restroom signs with raised letters and braille must be mounted on the wall adjacent to the hallway entrance.

Note: These interpretations of the ADA Legislation are intended to be used as recommendations. and assume no liability of ADA compliance.